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Make one of the biggest changes of you life the smoothest.

The years before retirement are critical for planning and preparation. You may find you need to shift the focus of your retirement plan to generate the income you'll need.

In this time of job changing and downsizing, you need to know what to do with your company sponsored retirement plan. Once you leave a job for whatever reason, you need to decide what to do with your retirement plan. You may choose to rollover the plan into an IRA, take the lump sum and pay the tax and penalties. Some companies will allow you to leave the retirement plan in tact until you reach retirement age.
IRA (Rollover)
ROLLOVER means to move money from a qualified retirement plan such as a 401(K) into a IRA. If you receive a payout from your company sponsored retirement plan, a rollover IRA could be to your advantage.
Choose the Right IRA Account For You
Individual Investors can contribute to two types of IRAs-Roth & Traditional. Both offer tax-advantaged ways to save for Retirement

    • Roth IRAs: any earnings are tax free, for those who qualify
    • Traditional IRAs: any earnings grow tax-deferred and contributions may be tax-deductible
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) keep your money working for you by allowing any earnings, the opportunity to grow on either a federally tax free or tax-deferred basis. These unique tax advantages allow IRAs to compound more quickly than taxable accounts. This generally means more money for you in retirement.

Annuities can offer a variety of benefits, including tax-deferred savings or a lifetime income stream.

Insurance can protect your retirement plan from the financial effects of unexpected events, such as disability, death, or costs associated with illness, injury, or accident. Making the right moves with your money can make a big difference in how comfortable your retirement will be.
We can assess your retirement readiness and answer your questions.

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